Public policies, cluster development strategy, and economic impact studies for the New Space sector

New Space is here and it is being driven by the private sector. Ever since the Google Lunar X-Prize heralded a slew of entrepreneurial activity looking outside of the planet, we have seen commerce take over where governments could only venture before.This has created exciting opportunities as well as a need for fresh thinking both on the behalf of governments as well as businesses. We take a pragmatic but innovative approach to this new fledgling economy, where we work with experts with in-depth experience and couple them with our innovation methods to bear results that benefit of actors involved. 

Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital has literally disrupted the status-quo in the past 25 years, and it is only but accelerating. Over and over again we are seeing traditional industries who have taken a wait and watch approach to embracing digital, getting caught in an unexpected tsunami of change, from which very few come out alive. We provide a healthy dose of strategic advise which is geared towards execution.

Exponential Technologies Consulting

Drones, Genetics, Electric Vehicles, 3D printing, Solar Power, AI, Robotics, Quantum Computing ... the list goes on. For the first time in human history we are seeing the intersection of maybe 20 or so exponential technologies at the same time. The uncertainty this creates for businesses is tremendous and most end up paralyzed with fear or an excess of analysis. We take an approach to exponential technologies which is practical and allows current businesses to start thinking about executing for sel

Sectors and Industries 

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  • Financial Services

  • Telecom

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  • Startups

  • Energy

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